Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tune Up

Help ensure your vacuum investment is protected through an annual vacuum tune up.
Tommy Tucker's 12 Step Vacuum Cleaner Tune Up

1. Complete Physical Inspection
• Review overall condition, e.g. cracked housing.

2. Audible Tests
• Listen to motor.

3. Electrical Tests
• Test all the switches.
• Test for correct electrical continuity.

4. Inspect Power Cord
• Check for cuts, nicks, exposed wires, loose or broken outlet prongs.

5. Inspect, Clean, and Lube Brushroll
• Remove debris.
• Replace brushroll belt.
• Lube bearings (lengthens lifespan of new belt).

6. Inspect and Clean Filters
• Remove debris.
• Wash filter (if filter is washable).
• Clean internal filter (bagless vacuum cleaners).

7. Inspect Wheels and Lubricate
• Ensure wheels are turning properly.
• Remove rough surfaces (protect hard floor surfaces).

8. Clean Motor Area
• Ensure motor is free of debris (clean motor extends motor life).

9. Inspect Motor
• Check for visible arcing or burning in motor.
• Check sheathing on wires.
• Smooth and clean armature.
• Check for damage to carbon brushes.

10. Clean Brushroll Housing
• Inspect and clean brushroll housing.

11. Inspect and Clean Air Passage
• Inspect and clean entire airway.
• Inspect and clean airway bypass.

12. Clean Exterior of Vacuum
• Wipe down and polish exterior.
• Remove scuffs.

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